Need More Space In Your Closet?

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How much do I get paid?

Our pricing experts determine the ideal rental price of your item. You receive 20% of the rental price every time the item rents. 

How do you maintain the quality of my items?

Ensuring that every item stays in excellent condition is our utmost priority. We partner with a trusted dry cleaner to clean and steam the fabrics with low heat. Our expert tailors repair wear and tear.

Where are my items stored?

Items are stored at our warehouse in garment bags lined with high quality cloth to protect embroidery and beading. 

What if I want my items back?

No problem! You can recall your item at anytime if it's not rented. We also work with you to input your "blackout dates" prior to listing your item. 

Who pays for shipping?

Not you! We collect your items through either through our free courier service or a free shipping label. When your outfit rents, we take care of shipping to and from the renter.

What if my item is lost or damaged?

We do everything we can to ensure this never happens. In the case that it does, our expert tailors repair any damage. If your item is lost or beyond repair, we reimburse you accordingly. 

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